Club History

The Lafayette Rotary Club South was formed on February 7th, 1980 by Gene Fortier, Lonnie Cox, Barry Duplechin, Brother Marine, and Larry Guidry. The first club meeting took place in the Acadiana Mall in Lafayette, Louisiana. The first club President was Mr. Gene Fortier. Mr. Fortier served 13 months as club president and is still a prominent member today. The club consisted of 29 members at it’s inception. Our club has formed 3 additional clubs created from our membership.


The club's second President was Mr. Brother Marine from 1981-1982. Mr. Ronald Cox became President from 1982 to 1983. Mr. Barry Duplechin was our 4th President from 1983 to 1984. Mr. Duplechin and Mr. Fortier, (Charter Members) will celebrate their 35th year in Rotary this Spring 2015. Mr. David Ross Club President in 1992 to 1993, and Mr. Kermit Duhon “Rotarian of the Year” 1992-1993 will also celebrate their 35th year in Rotary along with Mr. Paul “Wes” Castille who will celebrate 31 years as a Rotarian in 2015.

The Lafayette Rotary Club South has 40 current members and boasts a 100% Paul Harris fellowship participation. Lafayette Rotary South is one of the most important supporters of the Louisiana Special Olympic organization providing an annual support of $25,000.00 for the last 15 years. Special club projects as Student Apperception and Thanksgiving Family Meal Baskets along with hundreds of community projects define our club as a strong supporter of Lafayette and our surrounding communities.


The Lafayette Rotary Club South has several members who will reach or surpass 20 years in Rotary in 2015. They are:


James Boustany - 20 years                  Liz Duhon - 19 years                 

Ted Hoyt - 30 years Wally Broussard - 24 years                 

Kermit Duhon - 35 years          Dr. Pat Magee - 23 years

Dr. Gerald Carlson - 24 years             Barry Duplechin - 35 years     

Ken Mayers - 29 years Paul “Wes” Castille - 31 years

Gene Fortier -  35 years             Wynn Phillips - 22 years

Sandy Purgahn -  20 years                    David Ross - 35 years


The Lafayette Rotary Club South continues to shine the light of Rotary. In 2016, LRS will begin an annual scholarship to The University of Louisiana at Lafayette for the advanced education of a local student. LRS is a strong supporter of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Geaux Ragin Cajuns!