Wednesday, July 6, 2011 - The Rotary Club of Lafayette South held its first meeting of the new term which saw its new President Brandon Hyde, present to the club several internal key matters that are of importance to the core projects of Lafayette Rotary South. Several good suggestions were given of which the board will be finalizing it's decision in upcoming board meetings. Brandon and the rest of the board are looking forward to a productive and fruitful year!

Monday July 11, 2011 - It was recently announced by the district that Lafayette Rotary South was named in the TOP THREE Giving clubs! They are as follows - The Top Three giving clubs for (10-11) are as follows. 1. Greater Lake Charles Rotary club - 62 members at the start of the year with only 54 actual at the end of the Rotary year with a $16,000 goal - Hit just over $21,125.00 for an average of $340.73 per member and a grand total of $25,475 with Polio donations included. 2. Baker Rotary Club - 18 members - $3,600.00 goal - Contributed $5,600.00 for a total APF of $311.11 per member and $7,220.00 with Permanent or Polio Fund donations. 3. Lafayette South Rotary Club - 47 members - $5,100.00 goal - Contributed $9,717.56 for an average of $206.76 per member and a grand total of $9,983.53 giving when including their $265.97 to restricted giving. GREAT JOB LAFAYETTE SOUTH!!

Wednesday November 23, 2011 - Lafayette Rotary South will be delivering Thanksgiving baskets out to those in need of a little extra help this season. What a joy it is to see the faces light up upon receiving a good meal. This is an annual event at Lafayette Rotary South and one that we truly enjoy doing.


Wednesday January 4, 2012 -
It was announced at our first meeting of the New Year that this years Fantasy Football League winner is The Bulls, coached by Mr. Lynn Wood. Congrats Lynn on a successful season!
Upcoming - April 18, 2012-
Rotary Lafayette South will be hosting 4 local high schools as we honor 2 students from each school with our semi-annual Student Recognistion Program Award.  Congrats to all the students and their parents for there hard earned reward!
Upcoming -